Fundraising results for the Genoa Blind Society.

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that DIS students raised 1.700 euros for the Banca Degli Occhi by selling lottery tickets. Thanks to everybody for their help and to Sara Alfieri (MYP1) in particular, who sold more tickets than anyone this year, following in the tradition of Sebastiano Vaccari, last year’s record-holder.

Well done kids!

The Service Department


The Baby Marathon: Raising Money For The Blind

This year MYP 1 and 2 participated in the Baby Marathon that is part of the Festival of Sport in Genoa. The Festival of Sport celebrates Young children and adults being active and encourages them to discover new sports and participate in various events. DIS students participate in the Baby Marathon and use their participation in the event to raise awareness and funds for Il Banco Degli Occhi (The Blind Society Foundation in Genoa). Our students are always excited to take part in this event and we are always very proud of them and their passion for both sport and charity.

Below is a link that shows some of our students being awarded for their efforts. Well done kids!

Swim-a-thon 2015 at Sportivo Sturla !

On Sunday the 15th of March, for the second year in a row, DIS students and professors took the plunge to swim for LILT (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori) and Women for Girls (an ONLUS organization which gives training or microcredit to women in Senegal).  This year we had many parents and students help cheer on our swimmers.  We are pleased to say that we raised over €1000 for these two valuable charities.  Thank you Sportiva Sturla and keep swimming!  See you at Nuotathon 2016!

Nuotathon 2015

By Mrs. Rice and the kids who attended the swim-a-thon.

MYP1 Yacht excursion: Raising awareness of health and safety on the sea.

Earlier this year MYP1 were invited aboard a super-yacht and passed a wonderful day learning all about boat and the safety procedures that they can now share with others. Below is their report, written in English Aquisition class.

Dear Captain and Crew, 21st April 2015

Thank you for inviting us on to your super-yacht and for giving up your free time to show us around your boat. It was a marvellous experience because we not only learnt about safety, superstitions and how life is on a boat, but we also had a lot of fun.

We started the fantastic tour by getting onboard, meeting the Italian, British and German crew and then talking, in English, about superstitions. This was very interesting and exciting because we learnt what not to bring on a ship and what to do to have good luck. We learnt that some superstitions are based on common-sense while others seem less logical. Everyone wearing purple or green had to board last!

After that we went to the upper deck where the captain explained the safety rules. The crew talked about how to fight a fire and showed us the equipment necessary to fight a serious fire, even dressing up Mr. Ebury in the protective gear! We were shown how to put on a life jacket, which is orange to be noticed in the water, and then each of us got the chance to wear one. We were shown the emergency whistle and lights on the jacket and instructed that whistling on board is only tolerable in an emergency.

Later we had a look at the fore-deck where the captain showed us the jet skis and

the small boat for emergencies, but the most interesting things were the rules of giving way at sea, which follow the rules of the road. It was most topical because we are studying road signs and modal verbs in class at the moment, so we were fully prepared. The Captain explained how a sailing vessel is always given right of way over a motor boat, since they have more difficulty manoeuvring, showing again that most safety rules are based on intelligent behaviour. In the distance, we could see the Costa Concordia, a tragic reminder of what happens when people do not follow safety rules.

After this important lesson we went to the aft deck where they explained a few more things about safety before going down to the engine room where the boat has all the working parts (the heart!). Previously we had also seen the wheel house where you control the direction and speed of the boat (the brain!). To conclude the tour we also looked at the dining room, which was fun because we saw where the crew live and spend most of their free-time. Last but not least, we saw the lower aft deck, at the very back bottom of the boat were we took lots of “selfies”!

Overall, the morning began well with a lovely introduction to life at sea and then an interesting tour. The Captain and crew explained things clearly so that all of us could understand. The crew were always smiling at us and were also very kind, answering all of our questions. When we left the yacht they were very generous too, giving each of us some pens as souvenirs and the chance to try on the captain’s hat. So…Thanks a lot for this fantastic day out to the Captain and crew, listed below, from every MYP1 student of Deledda International School!!

Special thanks to Luca Triggiani (Captain), Federico Morabito (Chief Officer), Luca Baldi (Deckhand), Frank Bott (Chief Engineer), David Honeybun (2nd Engineer).

Individual Student Comments:

“Thank you captain, I especially enjoyed the engine room” Xavier

“Thank you captain and all the team because you gave us your free time. In particular I enjoyed the part about superstitions”


“Thank you captain for the boat trip. I enjoyed it most when we went to the control room because I love all the insrtuments.” Emanuele

“Many thanks to every Edelberg crew memberfor their kindness. It was a great experience because I had never been on board of a big yacht before. It was also an original way to learn new and interesting facts about what we can or should do and what we must never do on board. I liked all the stories about superstitions very much.” Thanks a lot!



IMG_20150415_110832 fire safety suit captain explaining boat aft


In January all the school, in different ways, participate at Calam Day. MYP 1, 2 and 3 participate at school and at home, instead MYP 4, 5 and DP 1 and 2 went on the roads of Genova. One Saturday we went on Genova and we tried to collect some euros for people afflicted by leprosy. The outcome of this day was to  donate everything we could as a school and as teenagers. I appreciated a lot this day, because we had fun but we did a very important thing for all the world. I hope the next year we will do it again.

Emma Antonucci MYP4Y

Park clean up

20150319_132601 20150319_132623

A few weeks ago, some students from MYP1 and 2 decided that it would be nice idea to clean our adopted park, Villa Croce, throughout the year rather than just at the beginning or end of it. Using their lunch hour (taking away from precious play time) they collected bags of rubbish from around the park, making it a much cleaner place for all to enjoy. Below is a response to this wonderful effort from our MYP coordinator Mark Ebury.

I would like to thank you for the splendid job you are doing of keeping the Villa Croce gardens clean when we go there every day after lunch.
Many students come prepared with plastic gloves and pick up litter after playing. Some of you don’t even play and just clean the park!

This Service activity is completely due to your own initiative and we commend you thoroughly for your excellent public spirit.